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During the remodeling process, a project manager will be available at all times.
Bathroom addition second floor

Local Home Remodeling Contractors In Pacific Heights, CA

If you are considering a remodeling project at your home in Pacific Heights our team of architects, designers, and remodeling professionals can help bring your visions to life. 

A qualified project manager will be assigned to your project to liaise between all those involved to ensure smooth transitions between disciplines. The project manager will also provide regular updates and will be available to address any concerns or questions during your project. 

Our team is familiar with the local zoning requirements and building codes. We will submit the building application (s) and design plans for permitting and schedule any required inspections. 

You can count on Spaces Home Remodeling to handle your home renovations with the utmost quality and care. 

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors In Pacific Heights

Updating or upgrading a kitchen is one of the best investments you can make to your home. Our Pacific Heights kitchen remodeling experts can help transform your ideas into reality. To start, we will discuss your needs and offer professional advice for a plan that best suits your lifestyle. We will then discuss the budget and timeline, as well as provide you with an estimate within a few days. 

Next, you will sit down with our designers to discuss design ideas and considerations. They will take measurements and schedule a showroom visit so you can choose colors, materials, and finishes. We will produce a 3D virtual design of your kitchen for your review prior to placing orders. 

Depending on the scope of work, we may need to submit architectural or structural plans. Our team will schedule any necessary inspections as well and will keep you updated throughout the project. You can rest assured we have everything covered from start to finish. 

open kitchen and living room
Bathroom addition second floor

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors In Pacific Heights

Our Pacific Heights bathroom remodeling contractors are experts at designing bathrooms that are comfortable, functional, and stylish. When you are ready to spruce up your home, Spaces Home Remodeling is your one- stop-shop. With our in-house team of professionals, we provide  simple updates so you can keep your bathroom’s existing floor plan, or we can design a full bathroom remodel that is a complete transformation. No project is too small or too big. 

Our streamlined process will guide you from the first meeting to the final reveal. This includes meeting with our designers at a showroom to pick out fixtures and materials. Once a final design has been approved, we will get to work on the agreed upon schedule to bring about a beautiful and functional bathroom remodel. 

Home Addition Contractors Pacific Heights

Adding onto your home takes careful planning and consideration. There are a variety of options and our Pacific Heights remodeling team has decades of experience guiding homeowners through the process. From the first idea to the last adjustment of a fixture, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and helping our clients realize their vision.

Spaces Home Remodeling has a team of professionals who work together efficiently to facilitate your project. We also keep you updated and informed so you know exactly what is happening and when. 

Home additions and new construction must follow specific codes and regulations. Therefore, we work with the local municipality to ensure all the necessary paperwork is filed and inspections are scheduled.  It is our privilege and pleasure to update and customize your Pacific Heights home.

Spaces Home Remodeling

Our Recent Bay Area Pacific Heights Home Remodeling Projects

What You Need To Know Before Meeting With Us or any other Home Remodeling Contractor

Before meeting with a remodeling contractor,  you should check that the contractor is licensed, insured and bonded, and has an active workers compensation insurance policy. This may sound complicated, but in fact, it is very easy to do. All you need to do is visit the California Contractors State License Board website and enter the contractor’s license number. 
Click here to check our contractor license information.

Design Build Pacific Heights Contractor

While a traditional contractor will require you to hire external companies when architectural plans or design are needed, a design-build contractor such as Spaces Home Remodeling offers all those elements in-house. This makes for a more efficient, headache free remodeling process.

Our Pacific Heights Renovation Estimating Method

Our bid includes a detailed description of the scope of work that is involved in your remodeling project. The total cost stated in the bid is for design services, architectural plans (if required and agreed upon), in addition to labor and rough materials. Finish materials are not included in the bid as we want to give our customers the freedom to control costs and choose the type and style of the materials to their liking. 

What To Expect From Us During The Remodeling Phase

During the renovation process your project manager, the home remodeling team, and the builders who are involved in the remodel, will be 100% available to you at all times.

After signing the  work contract, your project manager will open a group messaging system which includes you, our office, and any team members related to your project. You can use this platform to ask questions and request updates. In addition, your project manager will visit the property on a daily basis. 

Our Pacific Heights home remodeling team will arrive at the property every morning Monday- Friday (if that fits your schedule), in order to meet the project deadline. Our main goal is for you to be happy with our work and your new home.

How Do I Find A Good Renovation Contractor?

Searching for a local home remodeling contractor can be a very confusing task. Mainly because of the crazy amount of companies out there. However if you know where and how to look you can find some very reliable contractors in the area. 

The best way to find a home remodeling contractor is through friends and family, mainly because they can share their experience in detail. In addition you might also be able to see the work that has been done with your own eyes. 

However, not everyone has a close family member or a friend in the area that just completed a remodeling project. If that’s your case the second best way is through local directories. 

In the Bay area the two most reliable directories are Yelp and Google businesses. They both filter any reviews that are suspected of being fraudulent or unethical, giving you a great way to learn about other customer’s experiences.

When visiting these directories don’t just look at the contractor rating and review count. Look for reviews of customers who had a similar remodeling project to yours and read them.

When checking a company make sure to look them up in both directories. If they have good and similar ratings in both directories that’s a good sign. 

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