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Home Addition Contractors San Francisco, CA

Home additions don’t only add valuable space to homes, they can also totally transform them, increase square footage, and substantially add to their value. 

Whether you want to add a room, expand living space in your house, convert a garage, or add on an entire floor, Spaces Home Remodeling, San Francisco has professional teams and will deliver an amazing job. 

Home additions are generally more complex than most home renovations as you will need approved plans drawn up by a qualified designer or architect and you may need the input of an engineer for some structural elements. Then you need a construction team that will take the project from drawings to reality. 

Our in-house team of professionals includes architects, designers, engineers, builders, plumbers, and electricians, all of whom work side-by-side to achieve our clients’ dreams. We’re happy to incorporate your input but will tackle every element you wish from basic construction to high-design finishes.

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Do Home Additions Add Value to the Home?

A properly planned, well-executed, professional home addition will always add value to any home. It stands to reason that if you increase the square footage of the house and expand living space, it will have a lot more to offer.

But it’s important to think through any home addition thoroughly, before going ahead. Ask yourself why you want to add onto your home and then consider what you will achieve. For example, your living space might be cramped or your kitchen may lack the space for adequate storage. Or you might simply want a bigger bedroom because you have so many clothes!

Ultimately, when you decide to add to your home, you need to assess whether your needs will translate to a larger market. If it does, then its resale value will increase immediately.

If you aren’t sure about the benefits of a specific home addition, we are happy to discuss the pros and cons with you to ensure that you get a maximum return on investment (ROI) if and when you go ahead.

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Types of Home Additions

There are many different ways that you can add to your home. These range from bump-out additions that add a relatively small square footage to kitchens and bathrooms to guest bungalows and second-story additions. 

We’ve had experience doing the full range including:

Garage Additions

Garage conversions and additions have become increasingly popular because they make it possible to add living space to the home relatively easily. Conversions are the easiest because you already have the infrastructure in place. This makes them a popular option for a secondary housing unit or accessory dwelling unit (ADU) that is suitable for guests, in-laws, or rentals. 


Sunrooms come in many forms from sunny semi-outdoor spaces that we can use for relaxing to well-planned areas that are ideal for entertaining.  

Sometimes sunroom additions are as simple as screened porches. The floor area is already there, but by enclosing or screening the porch useful living space can be added at a minimal cost. 

Sometimes we add new sunrooms onto the outside of homes, increasing curb appeal, useability, and the resale value of the home. 


Most of the mudrooms we’ve built have been bump-on additions that homeowners can use to dump their backpacks, muddy footwear, and other items before they come into the house. We often add them onto garages or entrance halls. 

Simple interior design expertise makes a mudroom functional without being mucky! We take care of everything from storage areas and shelving to hooks and mats. 

Quite often we incorporate laundries with mudrooms, simply to save space. 

Bump-Out Additions

A bump-out addition is relatively minor, but even if it only adds 12-15 square feet to your home you’ll need a skilled construction company to do the job. And yes, it will add value.

Many bump-outs are additions to bathrooms and kitchens and so, despite their relatively small size, they need the expertise of qualified plumbers and electricians in addition to basic plans.     

Master Bedroom and Bathroom Additions 

Master bedrooms are, by their very definition, the largest bedrooms in a home. Sometimes, though, the original plans don’t allow more space, usually because of budget constraints. 

We often have clients who want us to mastermind a bedroom expansion. This sometimes includes incorporating a new en-suite bathroom to add luxury, comfort, and functionality. 

Guest Bungalows 

Our most common guest bungalows come in the form of ADUs. We usually build them on properties where there is already a single-family home. By definition, they are smaller than the main house, and they have their own facilities. 

We usually design guest bungalow ADUs for 1-2 people, but they enable two families to live on the same property, in their own separate homes. They can also be used for guests if you don’t have family members who need a home on your property.  

In-Law Suites 

An in-law suite can take many forms. When we get requests for these, we look at the existing home and see how we can expand and add on effectively and economically. Our solutions range from guest bungalows and garage additions to rooms that we add to the existing home, on the same floor. 

Second Story Additions

Second-story additions literally involve adding a second floor to the home. Of course, this means that we will need to remove the roof, build up, and then replace the entire roof structure. 

But there are sometimes other options. For instance, when homeowners build their homes on stilts or pillars to maximize a view, they may have a void under the house. This also qualifies as a second-story addition and doesn’t require the removal of the roof structure.  

Either way, you’re going to need a full team of professionals including an architect and/or designer and an engineer.

Design-Build for Your Home Additions

Spaces Home Remodeling, San Francisco is a specialist design-build firm. Simply put, we design beautiful stylish additions based on our customers’ needs and then build them to perfection.

When you sign up with us, you’ll have a designated project manager who will coordinate the design and build phases. We want you to be involved all the way through the project.

We are happy to give you as much guidance as you want, from choosing fixtures, fittings, and building materials to deciding on color schemes. But if you want professional help, we’ve got it for every single element. We are happy to take care of your project from the initial drawings to the finish.

You don’t have to do anything. We handle submission of plans, sourcing and purchase of materials, and everything else, and ensure that your project runs smoothly from the moment you sign up with us until it is complete.

Call us today for a free evaluation and quotation. We will set budgets based on your needs, maintain an efficient design-build team, and guarantee to meet the deadlines we agree to. Win-win!

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