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Design-Build Remodeling Contractors San Francisco, CA

Spaces Home Remodeling, San Francisco is a building contractor firm that has the full range of professionals ready to do whatever you need to improve your home. 

Instead of hiring a designer or architect to design your home, and then appointing a construction company to do the work, we offer an all-in-one professional package. We design and build, taking care of every element from planning and budgeting, to completion and finishes. We also assign a dedicated project manager to your job. 

You won’t have to hire anyone else to help complete your project. We do everything from basic design and architecture drawings to engineering, construction, and finishes, which can include the services of a professional interior designer. You call the shots and we’ll get them done. 

Spaces Home Remodeling’s design-build service is ideal for new homes, home additions, and any other construction and remodeling needs that require the services of multiple trades.

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Design-Build Professionals

When you decide to plan, design, and build a dream home or remodel an older home to make it meet your modernized needs, you need professionals with experience and empathy. In a nutshell, you need qualified people who have the ability to handle your project with a level of caring to achieve your dreams. 

You want people who will ensure a seamless operation that will be completed within your stated and agreed budget. 

Our architects, professional designers, and engineers, all have the experience you can count on. They know what the San Francisco standards, codes, and various regulations require, and this plays a pivotal role in the success of all our projects. We sort out the ifs and buts for you. 

Our teams work together with a designated project manager to keep your project on track, on budget, and make sure it works for you. 

We like to set up a group messaging system for every project we take on. This ensures that we can all maintain contact with each other as the project progresses. It also ensures that you can access your team members throughout your important design-build remodel project.

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Interior Design Elements

Not everybody wants to incorporate an interior designer in their design-build projects. But if you do, we’ve got you covered. Of course, it depends entirely on the scope of your project, including its size and complexity. 

A designated interior designer can be an awesome advisor who can play an advisory role and add the element of professional creativity to your project. 

If you decide on adding an interior designer to your remodel project, that person will be available to discuss design ideas and help you conceptualize what you want in terms of style. Once you establish a design theme together, you’ll have a professional friend who will join you on shopping trips, making suggestions before you make the final decision to commit and buy. 

Once you have approved your design-build concepts, including interior design, we will create a detailed 3D model of the project. This will include all the materials, fixtures, fittings, and finishes that you want. You will then get another opportunity to make changes before you commit to our quotation.

Only then will we order the materials needed and push ahead with the project. 

Please also know that even if you don’t opt for the interior design option, you will still get a detailed 3D model of your design-build project to approve before we press ahead.

Permits & Codes

Even if you don’t need plans, there’s a good chance that your San Francisco local authority will call for permits. But you don’t need to worry about these at all. We take all the hassle out of your design-build project by handling all the paperwork on your behalf. 

These include the regular municipal codes for San Francisco as well as the various California Building and Green Building Codes. It can be a minefield, but Spaces Home Remodeling has loads of experience and our designers and other professionals know exactly what they want. We will get it done without any stress on your side.

The Remodeling & Construction Process

Once you have approved our quotation and the city and/or country or state has approved plans and other submissions, we get started on construction work. We know that for our clients, this is the most exciting phase. Somehow bricks and mortar and/or timber frame construction is considerably more exciting than looking at plans on paper.

Our Spaces Home Remodeling, San Francisco teams work from Monday to Friday until our projects are complete. We work according to the approved plans and designs and make sure that all standards are met. If inspections are required by the City of San Francisco, we organize these and meet the inspectors on-site. 

We do our utmost to ensure that the building site remains clean and tidy throughout all construction work. Once we have finished the project we always schedule a cleaning crew and arrange for all rubble and rubbish to be removed. 

We are proud of our projects and we want our clients to be super-proud! If you are on the brink of a new design-build project, call us for a free assessment and quotation. You won’t be sorry!

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