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Bathroom Remodeling Contractors San Francisco, CA

We spend so much time in our bathrooms it makes 100% sense to make them luxurious, restful areas that are not just functional. 

Space Home Remodeling, San Francisco has remodeled hundreds of bathrooms for homeowners who want more from these often neglected, utilitarian rooms. We know that rather than simply being a place to wash and clean up, bathrooms can be a haven in the home where you can relax and emerge refreshed and ready to take on new challenges. 

But first let’s talk about bathroom makeovers, remodeling designs, and our bathroom remodeling process. We’ll also give you some idea of how much you’re likely to have to spend to get the bathroom of your dreams.

Space Home Remodeling, San Francisco has an excellent reputation for delivering beautifully remodeled bathrooms on time and within budget.

Modern Bathroom Remodel Project Milpitas CA

Modern Bathroom Makeovers

Bathrooms used to be the Cinderella room of the home. But this isn’t true any longer. Today, the bathroom demands as much attention as any other room in the home.

Space Home Remodeling, San Francisco specializes in bathroom makeovers and remodeling projects that will convert plain, ordinary, often ugly bathrooms into the kind of pristine, happy sanctuary homeowners want and need. 

The options are more diverse than you might imagine. Our professional bathroom remodeling design-build team can help you plan your ideal bathroom. Whether you want to transform it completely or simply add style and/or change the current layout, we will create a package to meet your budget and requirements. 

The most complex and costly option will involve a complete redesign with new sanitaryware, fixtures, and fittings. We will retile and, if necessary, replace the flooring with something modern, hardwearing, and attractive. 

Alternatively, we can give your bathroom a simpler update, changing the look with new fittings, rather than replacing all the fixtures and sanitaryware. Lighting is another element that can produce a magical new look in the bathroom.

If your bathroom is cluttered, our team will suggest ways to incorporate storage that is functional and stylish.

Modern gray bathroom remodel in Milpitas

Bathroom Remodeling Designs

Our bathroom remodeling team welcomes the challenge to upgrade, expand, remodel, and even add on totally new bathrooms to meet our clients’ needs. We are happy to work with your preconceived design or to create an amazing new design based on your needs.  

As design-build contractors, our designers work with our dedicated builders throughout the process. You don’t pay for a designer and then get a quotation from an experienced contractor to do the job. 

We value input from our clients and consider you to be part of our team, not just an interested observer. For the sake of efficiency, we put a group messaging system in place so that you can maintain contact with your team members throughout your bathroom remodel project.

Minimalist bathroom

Remodeling the Master Bathroom

Remodeling the Master Bathroom

Many homes have just one bathroom. Many more have two, sometimes three or four. Where there is more than one, at least one of these will be en-suite to one of the bedrooms, usually the master bedroom. A family or guest bathroom is usually accessible to all.

Generally, homeowners pay more attention to the master bathroom that is attached (en-suite,) to the master bedroom because this is their personal haven. But this doesn’t mean that the master bathroom is necessarily the largest in the home. Often it is the smallest. Many master bathrooms only have a shower and a tub. 

When we remodel master bathrooms, we like to ensure that the style and any decor theme flows from the bedroom to the bathroom. Usually, style and color themes flow throughout homes, but even if they don’t, the master bathroom needs to work visually with the master bedroom. 

If you are remodeling the master bathroom as an investment, aiming to use it as a selling point now or sometime in the future, it might be wise to increase its size. Our designers will discuss all these elements with you and help you make decisions based on your motives for remodeling.

Minimalist bathroom

Remodeling the Master Bathroom

Our Bathroom Remodeling Process

Before we quote you we will discuss your design needs and budget on-site at no cost to you. We will also discuss timelines and any other relevant parameters. We will provide a 3D rendering of your bathroom remodel before we finalize the design, materials and specifications list, and your quotation.

Once you’ve accepted our quotation, you only deal with Space Home Remodeling, not a design company and a builder. 

If you need permits from your local county or city council, for plumbing or structural alterations, we provide all the necessary information and/or plans to ensure your project gets approved. You may not need plans, but if you do, we’ll take care of everything to ensure your new bathroom is 100% legal. 

Our mission is to ensure that every project is successful. We do this by inspiring trust, ensuring communication, and being transparent with our clients throughout the process to achieve a seamless remodeling bathroom project.

Minimalist bathroom

Remodeling the Master Bathroom

What is the Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel in San Francisco, CA?

While it’s important to maintain your bathrooms constantly, you might decide a remodel is what you want. But what’s it likely to cost you? Nothing is cast in stone, and your Space Home Remodeling team will be by your side to marry your needs with your budget. 

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) advises that homeowners should be prepared to pay 5-10% of the value of their homes on a bathroom remodel. So, if your house is worth $400,000, you should be budgeting to spend between $20,000 and $40,000 on the revamp. 

Of course, it depends on what you want and whether you opt for standard-type or luxury fixtures and fittings. But their thinking is that if you spend any less, you’re going to be compromising quality and will end up spending double because you’ll have to have the project redone. 

However, they warn that if you have a mansion that’s valued at millions of dollars, this percentage should come down. That said, if you’re going to spend money on extraordinarily pricey fixtures and fittings, it might not.

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