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Spaces Home Remodeling is a Design Build company in San Francisco. We use the latest in design, construction and remodeling techniques for a unique design style that will stand out anywhere! We have an unmatched level of quality and always deliver outstanding customer service.

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Are you looking for an experienced home remodeling company in San Francisco?

Need to update the look of your home? Spaces Home Remodeling can make it happen by providing quality craftsmanship and unmatched customer service. We are experienced remodeling contractors with an eye for modern designs and the skills to turn your home into what you’ve been dreaming of. 

We design and build spaces in San Francisco that can suit any custom needs. Our professional design and remodeling team will walk you through each step, from design concepts to construction. We work with you every step of the process as we create the perfect living space for you and your family.

Contact us today to learn why hundreds of homeowners in San Francisco use and trust Spaces Home Remodeling for their home remodeling needs.

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Home Remodeling

Spaces Home Remodeling, San Francisco is a licensed and insured building contractor that specializes in custom-designed and built homes. We offer a reliable and efficient design-build service that enables our clients to build their dream homes.


Whether you have decided what meets your expectations as the perfect home or you need inspiration and ideas, we have experienced design professionals who will work on your plans and bring them to fruition. The professionals we employ and contract excel in custom home building projects.


When you come to us, we start with a free onsite consultation to discuss your needs. Once you receive your quotation and decide to appoint us as your custom home builders, we will assign a team to your project. This will include an architect, the relevant engineers, a designer, and an experienced construction crew. We will also appoint a project manager who will liaise between you and everyone involved in the build.


The mission of every project we take on is to maintain quality service that is on time and within the designated budget. We like to amaze our customers with our efficiency, integrity, and proficiency.

Home Additions

Home additions do not only add space to your home, but they can totally transform them by increasing square footage and substantially adding value. Whether you want to add a room, expand living space in your house, convert a garage, or add an entire floor, Spaces Home Remodeling, San Francisco’s professional teams will deliver an amazing job.

Home additions are generally more complex than most home renovations. You will need approved plans drawn up by a qualified designer or architect and you may need the input of an engineer for some structural elements. You will also need a construction team that can take the project from drawings to reality.

Our in-house team of professionals includes architects, designers, engineers, builders, plumbers, and electricians. All of whom work side-by-side to achieve our clients’ dreams. We are happy to incorporate your input and will tackle every element you wish from basic construction to high-design finishes.

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Kitchen remodeling san francisco

Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you’re about to sell your home or are moving into a new one, if the kitchen is mediocre, it’s probably a good idea to consider a makeover. Kitchens are an integral part of our lives, and real estate agents will tell you that it is the one room that will definitely help sell a house.


Spaces Home Remodeling, San Francisco specializes in effective kitchen makeovers that will transform inadequate, uninspiring, and even ugly kitchens that do not function well. We have many years of planning, design, and installation experience. We can work within your existing kitchen layout or suggest, and action, a complete makeover. We are up for the challenge!


There is a lot involved in a kitchen remodel, including critical electrical and plumbing needs. We are happy to embrace all the challenges from style, design, and color suggestions to ideas for new cabinets, lighting, flooring, fixtures, fittings, and finishes.


Bathroom Remodeling

We spend so much time in our bathrooms that it makes 100% sense to make them luxurious, restful areas in addition to being functional.


Spaces Home Remodeling, San Francisco has remodeled hundreds of bathrooms for homeowners who want more from these often neglected, utilitarian rooms. Rather than simply being a place to wash and clean up, bathrooms can be a haven where you can relax and emerge refreshed and ready to take on new challenges.


First, we will talk about bathroom makeovers, remodeling designs, and our bathroom remodeling process. We will give you some idea of how much the update is likely to cost in order to get the bathroom of your dreams.


Spaces Home Remodeling, San Francisco has an excellent reputation for delivering beautifully remodeled bathrooms on time and within budget.

bathroom remodeling san francisco
design build san francisco

Design Build

Spaces Home Remodeling, San Francisco is a building contractor firm that has a full range of professionals ready to do whatever you need to improve your home.


Instead of hiring a designer or architect to design your home, and then appointing a construction company to do the work, we offer an all-in-one professional package. We design and build, taking care of every element from planning and budgeting, to completion and finishes. We also assign a dedicated project manager to your job.


You will not have to hire anyone else to help complete your project. We do everything from basic design and architectural drawings to engineering, construction, and finishes. We can also include the services of a professional interior designer. You call the shots, and we get them done.


Spaces Home Remodeling’s design-build service is ideal for new homes, home additions, and any other construction and remodeling needs that require the services of multiple trades.

Customer Success Stories

The professionals in this company are very impressive. We hired them for our kitchen renovation and it was a complete success. We had them change the tiles cabinets, add a kitchen island and update the plumbing which kept on leaking. Allen the designer assisted in choosing the right fixtures and materials and Refael managed the entire project and teams on site. Our kitchen looks amazing and most important the leaks are gone. We are happy with their work.

Dan Vega

Kitchen Remodel

My third experience with this company and once again I only have positive things to say about them. Previous projects were two bathroom remodels and a master bedroom renovation. This time I hired them for a living room extension. The plans and design were done by their in-house architects and designers. I was impressed by the level of communication between the team members and believe that this contributed to the fact that the project was actually completed ahead of time.

Houzz Review

Home Remodel

From start to finish our experience with Raphael couldn’t have been better. He’s a very friendly guy. He knew his stuff and we never made us feel uncomfortable when we contacted him with our endless questions during our home remodel. Aside from a great project manager, the company did some high end renovations to our home. It wasn’t a small job so it took some time, but it was definitely worth it and up to now we can’t find anything to complain about. It looks great.

Charles Baker

Home Remodel

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